The BigClown Web-Guide takes the existing information and guides on the BigClown website and synthesizes them into an easy-to-understand guide for new customers setting up their BigClown devices for the first time. 
BigClown is a small startup in the Czech Republic. Our connection to the startup was our professor Jura Ibil, a practicing UX designer in the Czech Republic. Jura tasked us with understanding the key problems with BigClown. Our group of around 8 students split into smaller groups to address individual problems. One of the key problems is with the software setup of the BigClown devices. The DIY Smart Home devices are easy and fun to assemble, but the software side of the setup is very hard and not user friendly. So this is the core problem that our group attempted to solve. 
Our main objective as a small group was to synthesize all of the necessary instructions. To figure out the key order of the instructions. To trim away the unnecessary parts of the instructions which were not important for initial setup. We wanted to make the experience easy to follow and fun. We had to make the software side just as fun as the hardware side.
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