"Gamma is an inclusive platform that brings people together, online and offline through competitive gaming."
The core problem with competitive gaming is that the current professional leagues are mostly made of only the top 1% of players. This makes competitive gaming nearly impossible to get into.
There is a lack of diversity in the competitive skill ranges. This leaves players who love gaming and want to dedicate more time to honing their skills in the competitive environment having no where to train and very few people to train with. Only the best of the best ever get a chance to compete in any formal setting. 
Competitive gaming is also highly stigmatized. Most people who are even aware of competitive gamers would likely label them as someone who would not “fit in” within a normal environment. In reality, gaming is a lot more diverse than the stereotypes make it out to be, you don’t have to be a hardcore tournament goer to hold some love of playing competitively.
Gamma is an inclusive platform that brings people together online and offline through competitive gaming. The main objective of Gamma is to provide a system that gives people the opportunity to take their goals for streaming and competitive gaming into their own hands.
Gamma seeks to provide users with tools to view streams from national celebrities and local friends, play with friends, track their progress against members of their community, get involved and even compete in tournaments.
Gamma will re-brand competitive gaming to make it more inclusive and Gamma will bring people together locally and online. In short we hope Gamma will make competitive gaming better and more inclusive for a diverse audience of people.
NC State Graphic Design Studio V - Group Project
Professor Kermit Bailey and Victoria Chi
"Gamma" Organization and Application System for Competitive Gamers
December 2017
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